1. This place is for the birds

    15 Feb 2018
    One of the cool things about living near the water is the variety of waterfowl that you can spy lining the local canals, ponds and other waterways.  If you’ve never seen one in person, running into a 4-foot-tall great blue heron, or even a 3-foot-tall egret is pretty amazing. Combine…

  2. See ya later, alligator

    13 Feb 2018
    Florida has two seasons: Heaven and Hades. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summers here. Diving is one of my favorite hobbies, and winter isn’t exactly highlighted by calm seas or clear water.  But if you want to go for a hike, there’s nothing like a 75 degree day…

  3. To infinity and beyond

    08 Feb 2018
    One of the coolest things about living Florida for the past 12 years has been the occasional front row seat when rockets (and previously space shuttles) have launched from Kennedy Space Center. Well, front row might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the view from Vero nearly 80 miles…

  4. 8/24/15 Blue Heron Bridge Dive

    25 Aug 2015
    Collection of images from Monday’s dive at the Blue Heron Bridge. Water was hot, but conditions weren’t. Vis was around 15’.  Bristleworm at the Blue Heron Bridge in Rivera Beach, Florida. Triggerfish eye at the Blue Heron Bridge in Rivera Beach, Florida. Mantis shrimp at the Blue Heron Bridge in…

  5. 7/13/15 Blue Heron Bridge Dive

    15 Jul 2015
    A handful of images from my most recent trip to the bridge. Harlequin blue doris nudibranch Scrawled filefish Bluethroat pikeblenny Bluethroat pikeblenny Flatworm Three harlequin blue doris nudibranchs

  6. Dive, Dive, Dive

    28 Jun 2015
    There are periods of time when the seas just won’t cooperate with my work schedule. Low pressure systems and persistent east winds regularly push diving the the backburner. Sometimes the dry spells (pun intended) last long enough that I forget how much I enjoy it. Lucky for me, it seems…

  7. Fort Pierce Prayer Walk

    20 May 2015
    Another shooting prompted another prayer walk and candlelight vigil in Fort Pierce. Here’s some images from the walk held Friday, May 15. 

  8. Hitting The Streets

    17 May 2015
    In the wake of multiple murders in Fort Pierce, one which left a 2-year-old dead, members of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office are spending more time in the rougher areas of town trying to curb violence. 

  9. Re-LAX

    04 May 2015
    When I moved to Vero in January of 2006, I had never so much as seen a lacrosse stick, much less photographed it. Ten FHSAA LAX state championships later, Vero Beach High School has won every. single. year. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.  Congrats, ladies. 

  10. Ups and downs

    01 May 2015
    Thursday started off happy enough. Visited the humane society to photograph a couple horses that were surrendered by their owner one year ago. They were completely emaciated when they arrived at the shelter. They are now available for adoption.  The mood that evening was much more somber. A candlelight vigil…

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