Sam Wolfe


  1. Utah and Arizona

    01 Apr 2022

  2. Showing off in Lugoff

    03 Jun 2021
    I haven’t shot much, if any, regular season sports in the past year. The con is that I don’t get much of a refresher before state finals. On the positive side, it means when I do cover a game, it’s typically one that really matters to the players. And that…

  3. That’s A Bunch Of Bull(shark)

    25 May 2021
    It had been way too long since I had been in the water. Specifically, 11 months (thanks, covid).  Thankfully, I was able to get down to my old stomping grounds in Florida recently and get some bottom-time in with some toothy critters. 

  4. Gamecocks Soccer Coach Mark Berson Retires After 43 Years

    19 Apr 2021
    Covered my first soccer game of the season during the Gamecocks’ last game of the season Saturday. It was also the final game for coach Mark Berson who has been in the position for 43 years.

  5. Milkshake And A Bus Fire

    12 Mar 2021
    Sometimes life calls for a milkshake.  As I was pulling out of a Cookout drive-thru with celebratory post-Covid-vaccine shake (!!!) on Friday, I noticed a fire in the Golden Corral parking lot across the street. There were what looked to be three buses and a group of people in orange…

  6. Namesake

    12 Mar 2021
    In his hometown of Aiken, Dr. Harry Shealy, Jr. has a pimento cheese hamburger, The Shealy, named after him at a local restaurant. An area of Hitchcock Woods, one of the largest urban forests in the country, also bears his name – Harry’s Hill. Now, across the state, his name…

  7. Pea Soup

    28 Jan 2021
    Nothing like a nice warm, clear day at the beach, amirite?  Headed down to Botany Bay at Edisto Island a couple days ago just to get out of the house and for a change of scenery. Some of us are still trying to not go out and interact with people…

  8. Strange Election Bedfellows

    21 Jan 2021
    What do antifa protestors and a man dressed in overalls waving a Trump flag have in common? Neither approve of Biden. That’s not to say both wanted Trump either, though.  The juxtaposition of a group of protestors, clad in black, waving an antifa flag and chanting ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ next…

  9. Drive for America Rally

    18 Jan 2021
    Nearly 50 supporters convoyed to the SC State House on Sunday to take part in the Drive for America rally.  The event, organized by Shawn Laurie, also known as the Veteran Guy, focused mainly on what speakers considered the online censorship of conservative views. Law enforcement at state capitals around…

  10. Bouldering

    17 Jan 2021

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