Sam Wolfe


  1. Spreading the love (and paint) in Spartanburg

    21 Jun 2020
    The City of Spartanburg opened its arms, and a section of W. Broad Street, to a group of local artists to paint a Black Live Matter mural in front of City Hall on Saturday. While it’s not as grandiose as the street painting at Black Lives Matter Plaza in DC,…

  2. Candles lit for McCree in Chester, SC

    19 Jun 2020
    Friends and family of Ariane McCree gathered at Metropolitan AME Zion Church in Chester, SC on Thursday evening Nearly 7 months after McCree was killed in a police shooting, the state Attorney General has asked for a federal review of new information relating to the shooting. At the time of…

  3. Washington Walkabout

    17 Jun 2020
    Last week while up in Virginia, I decided to make the 2 1/2 hour trek up to DC. With protests happening nationwide, I knew I would regret not making the short drive up to see the goings-on around the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. There were not huge events…

  4. Communication Is Key

    15 Jun 2020
    Communicate.  Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. It’s amazing how far a simple conversation can go to settling a simple misunderstanding. Shortly after arriving at Black Live Matter Plaza in D.C. on Sunday, I overheard a black woman talking about the sign a young white protestor was carrying. The woman, in conversation with…

  5. Reinforcement Arrive

    06 Jun 2020
    Protestors had some local heavyweights arrive Friday Members of the University of South Carolina football team, as well as head coach Will Muschamp, rallied with several hundred protestors at the Governor’s Mansion then marched to the State House.  After the 1-mile march, South Carolina House Minority Leader Rep. Todd Rutherford…

  6. On The Move

    04 Jun 2020
    When protests started in Columbia last Saturday, marches had a much different look when protestors took to the street. For one thing they were scheduled, even if the times were somewhat… fluid. Secondly, police presence. Lots of police presence. At every intersection. Some blocking traffic, some blocking the route of…

  7. Baby Steps

    03 Jun 2020
    Things aren’t great.  They’re not even good.  But progress is being made. Humanity is still alive.  This man, identified just as ‘Kyle’, spent the early afternoon of his birthday handing out flowers to protestors at the South Carolina State House.  It won’t stop systematic racism.  Or police brutality.  Or hate.…

  8. Car Bites Man, Story at 11:00

    03 Jun 2020
    Dog bites man? Not a story. Man bites dog? WE’RE ON IT. The media is often accused of, sometimes justifiably so, only focusing on ‘sexy’ events, metaphorically speaking of course (politics is anything but). Ninety-nine people protest, one breaks a window, and they get the most coverage (not based on…

  9. Progress at Columbia I Can’t Breathe Protest

    02 Jun 2020
    The temperature seems to be cooling slightly in Columbia. For the first time since protests started locally, no law enforcement in riot gear were needed, at least where I was. And no ‘less lethal’ rounds were fired. And no tear gas was used. Mayor Stephen Benjamin sat and spoke with…

  10. #ICantBreathe Protests, Day 2

    01 Jun 2020
    Protests over the killing of George Floyd, and police brutality against the black community, continued today in Columbia. Again, the crowd organized at the State House and marched down Main Street. And again, they intended to march to the police department.  Road blocks kept protestors from getting to the police…

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