Sam Wolfe


  1. Election Finish Line

    05 Nov 2020
    Election day. It starts way too early and ends way too late. And depending on your politics, by the time the night is over you can either love it or hate it. The timelines for results are, at best, wishful thinking. Half the time you end up covering campaigns you…

  2. Harrison Hosts Drive-In Rally

    25 Oct 2020
    Jaime Harrison, who is challenging incumbent senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, held a drive-in rally in Florence on Saturday afternoon. Polling has Harrison and Graham in a statistical dead heat. Harrison has raised and outspent his opponent in the highly contested race. Photographed for Reuters.

  3. Elk Hunt

    24 Oct 2020
    Earlier this week I had planned on going up to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to do some leaf peeping. I had been checking reports and forecasts, and this was the closest I could guess to being the peak of the leaf change. Well, either the forecast was wrong…

  4. Easy Like Monday Morning

    23 Sep 2020
    After watching the first half of a lousy football game Sunday, which was plagued by power outages, a lightning delay AND poor play by the now 0-2 Miami Dolphins, I decided to head out of town for the day. I loaded up my camera gear and headed up to the…

  5. Bad Publicity Exists

    01 Sep 2020
    There’s no such thing as bad publicity? Former Sgt. Chad Walker of the Columbia Police Department would probably disagree. Two days after Walker was recorded using the ‘n-word’ multiple times during an argument at a bar, and after the story was picked up nationally by outlets such as TMZ and…

  6. Charlotte Protests During RNC

    25 Aug 2020
    Protestors took to the streets around downtown Charlotte, North Carolina during the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday. 

  7. River Rope Swings

    10 Aug 2020
    Every year, from the trees that hang over the Lower Saluda, they appear.  Rope swings. Handles are made from anything (hopefully) load bearing. Bicycle handles. Ski ropes. Sometimes sticks seem to be the only thing available. Two-by-fours nailed to the trunks of trees act as makeshift ladders leading to the…

  8. Jawsome Diving

    03 Aug 2020
    Seeing as how 2020 is, well, 2020, I figured I’d try and take advantage of having some extra time and do something I’ve wanted to do for years: a shark dive.  I’m not sure how I lived as a diver in Florida for so many years and never did one…

  9. Marchers March On

    04 Jul 2020
    It’s been 35 days since the first major protests in Columbia. Where initial crowds of thousands crowded the lawn of the State House, now smaller crowds gather. Though the primary message of the group have remained the same – that Black Lives Matter – some protestors are taking on specific…

  10. Frequent Fliers

    01 Jul 2020
    Had a serendipitous moment while on a shoot over the weekend.  I traveled about an hour to photograph a dog for a client, and while there I noticed a hummingbird. Then two. Then five. Then I don’t even know how many. They were like bees in the trees around a…

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