1. Steeeeeerike three

    30 Apr 2015
    Games that turn into a pitchers duel can be painful to photograph. Well, at least for me. Decided to kill some time by trying to shoot the ball, and ONLY the ball.  Kennedy Granato of Martin County High School pitches against Melbourne High School.

  2. 04/27/15 Blue Heron Bridge Dive

    29 Apr 2015
    Hooray for easy parking! After the cluster that was Sunday at the BHB, it was great to be able to have my choice of nearly any parking spot. And to top it off, that wasn’t even the coolest part of the trip!  A big thanks to Barbara and Tammy (I…

  3. 4/26/15 Blue Heron Bridge Dive

    27 Apr 2015
    Today ended up being a much better dive than I had anticipated. Normally I don’t dive the bridge on the weekend due to the obscene number of people that go there. Today was no exception. When I arrived at the park 3 hours before high-tide, all the parking was full…

  4. Sunrise lunar eclipse

    25 Apr 2015
    A few photos from the lunar eclipse that occurred at sunrise on April 4, 2015. Birds flying past the partially eclipsed moon. Composite of lunar eclipse leading up to sunrise. Lunar eclipse shortly after daybreak. Fisherman and the setting moon during a lunar eclipse.

  5. Under The Bridge

    24 Apr 2015
    Handful of shots from my last trip down to the Blue Heron Bridge. I go through phases where I love going to the bridge, then after a while I have no interest in scouring the bottom for macro subjects. I’m glad my interest is back for a while.  Sailfin blenny …

  6. Play Ball

    24 Apr 2015
    I’m never sure what to focus on during ‘opening day’ assignments. Obviously fan are excited, but why are they there? The players are, well, the reason for the season. I ended up going back and forth on which one of these to use.  The St. Lucie Mets kicked off their…

  7. Groundbreaking

    24 Apr 2015
    I’ve never had what I would consider a blogger mentality. Spewing my thoughts into the bottomless pit of the interwebs has never seemed like a pastime I wanted to participate in. For lack of a better explanation, I’m greedy with my thoughts. And I really don’t see that ever changing…

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